Borgo Antico Kitchens

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Genuine flavours, places that retain the memory of history. Getting spellbound by a country road winding through the hills, by the scents of nature and by fine cuisine.
Thanks to Borgo Antico, these emotions and atmospheres radiate from the kitchen to the entire home, permeating the modern environment with age-old flavours and values: the warmth of genuine wood; the chisellings and antiqued finishes handmade by skilled craftsmen in the authentic Italian furniture-making tradition, reinterpreted in the contemporary style.


The chisellings, antiqued finishes, decorations and processing features of Borgo Antico are the work of experienced artisans, inspired by the Italian furniture-making tradition. An added value for your kitchen that makes it unique and exclusive in its every detail, enhancing its character and beauty.

The warmth
of wood

The true protagonist of Borgo Antico kitchens is wood, with its distinctively warm, comfortable and delicate hues.
Clear-cut lines merge with soft and enveloping forms to yield an elegant, warm-coloured environment attuned to the sedate, tranquil impression conveyed by the entire composition. Finely-worked details for a warm, emotionally stirring kitchen reminiscent of a by-gone era that retains its appeal and unconventional charm, attuned to current trends.

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